Installation Report. Water Bottling station with Storage tanks and Ice Machine for Obaro Padstal

Client: Obaro Padstal Installation report: We recently installed a water bottling station for Obaro. Now clients can refill with ultra-pure and healthy water while shopping at Obaro Marblehall, now that’s convenient shopping! Equipment used: 3000 litres per day Reverse Osmosis water purifier. Industrial Activated carbon media Filtration vessel with automatic head 750L Slimline back up […]

30 000 liter per day Borehole Water Treatment

Reverse Osmosis water treatment to clean Borehole water Are you using Borehole Water as your Water Supply? Did you know how polluted borehole water actually is? Are you looking for a way to clean your borehole water? Reverse Osmosis water treatment is well know for effective water purification Let’s just test your water just to […]