Reverse Osmosis water treatment to clean Borehole water

Are you using Borehole Water as your Water Supply? Did you know how polluted borehole water actually is? Are you looking for a way to clean your borehole water? Reverse Osmosis water treatment is well know for effective water purification Let’s just test your water just to be safe!

South-Africans are looking for alternative solutions to sustain their way of living with Water shortages issues, water restrictions in South-Africa, and increasing water bills. More and more people are looking for alternative methods to supply their basic water needs for home use. Households are not the only ones who are looking for solutions, Companies all around South-Africa are starting to recycle production water to reuse in manufacturing to cut on water cost, to sustain production and to save water.

Potential Well Water Contamination Issues:

  • A dug well, lined with poorly sealed brick, stone, or tile, or having unsealed covers.
  • An improperly sealed casing through a bedrock formation or other unconsolidated formation, which can allow the migration of contaminated water into the aquifer.
  • If the well casing does not extend far enough above the ground surface, surface water can enter the top of the well casing.
  • If a well casing ends in a basement, pit, or another area prone to flooding or seepage.
  • Corrosion can deteriorate old well casings and allow water to seep into the well from holes or cracks.
  • Contaminated near-surface water can enter a well if the well casing is at a non-complying depth.
  • Old stove-pipe casings are now considered sub-standard, as they can allow near-surface water to infiltrate the well.
  • The well cap could be poorly installed, allowing insects and small animals to enter the well.
  • The source of the contamination is too close to the well (such as septic).

We recently did an installation of a 30 000 liter per day Reverse Osmosis water treatment Plant. A Full Water analysis of the Borehole water supply was used to give us a clear indication of what water contaminants are present. The Water Analysis is very important to give us direction on the water treatment process to be used and the type and amount of media needed to successfully clean the polluted water.

This recent Installation was done by RO Water Systems.

Water Source: Borehole Water / Well Water

Water Contamination Found: Calcium, Magnesium, Turbidity, and Bacteria

Solution: 30 000 Liter per day Water Softener, 30 000 Liter per day Sediment Removal Filtration and UV Water Sterilization

Why this treatment: This solution was the most Cost effective way to treat polluted water for irrigation and home use.

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