8 Signs your tap water might be contaminated

Home owners may encounter a bitter taste or a strange smell that makes them question if their drinking water might be contaminated. Here are 8 signs to identify water contamination. By Francois Roets 1. Bad Taste Your taste buds have incredibly delicate sensors that protect you from bad or dangerous substances, including poor-quality water. If your water has […]

8 Benefits of Reverse Osmosis

If you’re seeking to update your South African water filtration system, you might be interested in a reverse osmosis water system. There is no better way to obtain bottled-water quality drinking water than by investing in one of these systems. Reverse osmosis systems are filtration systems which eliminate any water-borne particle that’s smaller than a […]

20 Surprising Health and Beauty Benefits of Coconut Water

A refreshing drink with a sweet taste, coconut water is a good blend of tang and health. For many hundreds of years, coconut water has been admired as a natural source of nutrition, wellness and beauty. It is cholesterol-free and is loaded with potassium, minimal quantities of sodium, natural fat, carbohydrates (in the form of […]