Client: Steve Biko Paediatric Oncology in association with CHOC.

Installation report. We are so thankful to be apart of the paediatric Oncology ward in Steve Biko. Pure water, allows the blood circulation to cleanse the immune system.  Treating cancer alternatively reveals the pollutants and pesticides in water and its effects on cancer.

When the body is well hydrated with pure drinking water, blood circulation is expanded and immune system can reach and cleanse our mutated cancer cells.

Most people would agree it is wise to provide our bodies with the pure water and pure food.  We believe our immune system will operate best in this environment.  As we strengthen our immune system, our bodies can fight cancer and other diseases.

A special shout out to our team, servicing these systems are not always easy but we can see that you did a great job.

Equipment used: 10 Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers

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